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Keeps You in the Loop. Know that your aging loved one is doing her normal things today, while protecting her privacy and cherishing her independence. Advanced IoT sensors bring reassurance and peace of mind for less than $1 per day.

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  • Reassurance

    Is your senior loved one up and around today? Is she doing her normal routine? Kaloop brings reassurance that things are OK today.

  • Dignity

    Cherish your senior loved one's dignity, privacy and independence. No cameras. No lanyards. No intrusive tech.

  • Peace of Mind

    Rest assured that you're keeping gentle tabs on your senior while protecting her independence.

Companies Who Cube

Join industry leaders who have put The Cube to work for them.

  • Walmart
  • AT&T
  • Zebra
  • TE Connectivity
  • Airgas
  • JM Eagle
  • Daisy
  • Oklahoma State University
  • Serigraph

Realtime ePayment Processing: Charge3

Process credit cards and other electronic transactions seamlessly, securely, and in realtime, right from your existing code. Leverage tight integration with high throughput for a clean solution, built right into your enterprise app, that performs with the big boys.

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  • High Performance

    Fast transactions make for happy customers and higher sales.

  • Multi-Threaded

    Slam Charge3 with multiple transactions simultaneously. It’s ready.

  • Fully Integrated

    Integrate the payment API right into your existing app code, then focus on your app. Focus is good.

  • Broad Processor Support

    Support for industry-leading payment processors such as TSYS and First Data. Bring ‘em on.

What They Say

  • AVR is known for innovation. Core to that has been our partnership with Tri-8. Together we have innovated exciting new products and significantly improved our sophistication. We view Custom3 as an important extension of our company.
    -Ron Emberg, CEO AVR, Inc.
  • Our agency wanted to integrate solid payment processing in the back office as well as on our website. Our users wanted to be able to pay online, and we did not want a big headache. We wanted speed and extreme ease of implementation. We can now say that it's not only our users who have major convenience online—we ourselves do too, thanks to Charge3! We deployed the solution and it runs like a champion.
    -Dan Mauro Pueblo County Information Systems
  • We wanted to add epayment processing capabilities to our Progress application, but simply did not have time to master that whole arena on top of everything else. Charge3 claimed an ultrafast and seamless 'Pure Progress' integration. It was outstanding and did exactly what we needed it to. We're up and running.
    -Paul Keary Coe Press Equipment
  • We have a large volume of cardpresent counter sales transactions in our system, and we wanted a solid Level III capable solution readymade for Progress. Charge3 answered the bell, and has performed splendidly. Pure Progress is the best way to go.
    -Coby Inman Carlson Systems

Our Innovation Drives Yours: Custom3

Build our innovation right into yours. Let our team of developers, architects and innovators drive your company’s own innovation. From custom software to automation to strategic planning to new product invention, we’ve done it all for Custom3 clients. Challenge us.

Challenge Us
  • The Beloved Hockey Stick

    Looking for that “hockey stick” growth curve? Start your growth with a dose of Cube mojo.

  • More System, Less Staff

    Find ways to automate your operations and build scalable, reliable systems. Reduce manual labor.

  • Let Firefighters Fight Fires

    Stop spending your time fighting fires caused by outdated (or absent) technology, and start beating your competition to the ball.

Think Inside The Cube

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